4x Faster Webserver!

We have just switched hosting providers to a much faster server! pages should load much quicker now.. Please let us know if you notice any problems on the new site or just things you would like to see added. Because web-servers aren’t very photogenic we have included a picture of a one cubic inch robot […]

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Current Projects

  The latest bipedal robot is almost ready! Here you can see the last prototype with the 8×8 LED matrix face, and the latest one with an 128×64 OLED display the screen can display custom graphics or text in real time. One great use of the display is in debugging your code, you can print variables directly […]

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We have a new website!

At last a fresh new website for Easybotics.com ! This change will make it much easier for us to add new content and tutorials to the site. It also simplifies the process of creating orders and quotes all from within the website.

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