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  The latest bipedal robot is almost ready! Here you can see the last prototype with the 8×8 LED matrix face, and the latest one with an 128×64 OLED display the screen can display custom graphics or text in real time. One great use of the display is in debugging your code, you can print variables directly […]

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We have a new website!

At last a fresh new website for ! This change will make it much easier for us to add new content and tutorials to the site. It also simplifies the process of creating orders and quotes all from within the website.

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Brushbot Kit 5 Pack2L

Brushbot Kit 5 Pack

Brushbot Kit – 5 Pack This kit includes everything needed to build abrushbot except for the AAA battery. Each brushbot kit includes: •  1 x brushbot motor •  1 x toothbrush head •  1 x rubber band for battery to motor connection •  1 x large straw battery holder •  8 x uglu strips for holding everything together (colors and motor style may vary) Additional […]


Brushbot Motor 5 Pack

Brushbot Motors – 5 Pack Our motors are custom made with sturdy24AWG single strand wire. Strain relief is proved by heat-shrink tubing and hot melt glue for a very durable connection. Motor leads and heatshrink come in varied colors. (exact motor style may vary)   5 Pack includes: •  5 brushbot motors Additional parts required to build 5 complete brushbots •  5 […]



Features: •  Program the robot with just a text file •  USB charge/programming connector •  No software Installation necessary •  PCB comes in one of three colors (Red, Green, Blue) Kit Includes: •  Full color 16 page printed manual •  Lithium polymer rechargeable battery •  Mini USB cable •  4 Precision micro servos •  2″ x […]


Letry A001

20 Electronic experiments, including: Introduction to electronic components (resistor, capacitor, sensors, IC) Run motors directly from battery – reverse the connections to motor – what happens Resistor and LED Energy storage with capacitor Light sensor Series and paralel resistance Relay operation Invertor IC operation Control LED with light/shadow Robot goes forward with light/shadow Robot turns with light/shadow Robot […]


Letry A002

A002 = A001 plus the following: •  1 more bread board •  1 more electronic component package •  1 advanced component package •  More experiments( Sound of police car or bird, IR remote control experiment , IR Guard Experiment)   Kit Includes: •  Toy car •  Manual •  Spare Tire •  Bolt to allow 1.5V […]


Letry B001

B001=A002 + 1 Arduino Microcontroller package  Learn to use an Arduino microcontroller with this kit level. PIC comes preprogrammed with firmware to do wall tracking with timed turn around feature. Programmer Not Included! – See Catalog Kit Includes: • Toy car • Manual • Spare Tire • Bolt to allow 1.5V motor operation • 2 x Breadboard […]