Letry Spare Parts Kit


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Product Description

Letry Spare Parts – Includes all the components from the Letry R01 robotics kit, useful if some of your components are damaged but the main chassis is still fine and you would like to reuse it in a new class.

Included Components:
•  Light sensor (visible light photo transistor)
•  Infrared Emitter ( IR LED) x3
•  RGB Color changing LED
•  Infrared receiver (Photo transistor) x2
•  Condense Microphone 53db
•  Temperature sensor (thermistor 102)
•  CMOS IC 4069 (Inverter)
•  CMOS IC 4098 (Timer)
•  Relay (2a2b 5V) x 2
•  Jumper wires
•  Cable for Infrared sensor x2
•  NPN Transistor 1815 x3
•  Red LED (x4)
•  Capacitor 100uf
•  Capacitor 10uf
•  Ceramic Capacitor 103
•  Resistor (x15)
•  Buzzer
•  IR 38Khz Receiver and Demodulator
•  4081 AND gate
•  4071 OR gate
•  4013 Dual D type Flip Flop

Additional Information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 1 in


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