Letry and Arduino – Getting Started

If you do not already have the Arduino IDE installed on your computer please go to the download page here: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software Once you have the Arduino program open go to Tools > Board > Arduino Uno. This sets the board target as the Arduino Uno, this board uses the exact same IC chip as the one […]

Letry – IR Remote Control

This project allows you to steer the Letry robot with any normal TV/DVD player IR remote. The robot drives forward in a straight line until it receives a signal from the IR remote, as soon as it does it will start turning for a set time. To adjust how long the turn lasts you can experiment with the value of R3 and C1. The C1 capacitor can be […]

Letry – Sound activated line following – Page 57

Applies to Letry A002,B001,B002 When the microphone detects sound the first relay is activated, providing power to the second circuit which follows the black line using an IR reflective sensor. The red LEDs are optional but recommended as they allow you to see the state of the relays easily.

Dual Obstacle Avoidance – Page 41

This circuit allows the robot to respond to two IR reflective sensors at the same time, allowing it to avoid obstacles on either the left or right sides, or (once the motor leads are switched) to track a black line as provided in the kit. Red LEDs have been added to help you debug sensor placement. With the motor […]