ATmega328 Add-On for Letry


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  • ATmega328 with the open source Arduino Uno bootloader
  • 28Pin Machined IC Socket (round pins) – helps protect pins
  • 16mhz Crystal

When programming please select the “Arduino Uno” under Tools>Board in the Arduino™ IDE.

Please be careful to always insert and remove from the breadboard straight up and down. The easiest way to remove from a breadboard is to use a small flat blade screw driver and alternate gently prying up the left and right side so as not to bend the pins. The pins will break/bend if you take it out at an angle. If you do happen to break off one of the pins, all is not lost! This kit comes with a socket attached to the main IC chip, you can remove the socket by carefully using a flat blade screw driver to alternately pry the left and right of the IC chip out of the socket. The IC chip can be used without a socket, it is just slightly more delicate.

Instructions for use with the Letry robot kits

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