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This is the Motor Only – if you need the full kit please see this product: Brushbot Kit x5

Brushbot Motors – 5 Pack

Our motors are custom made with sturdy 24AWG single strand wire.

Strain relief is proved by heat-shrink tubing and hot melt glue for a very durable connection.

Motor leads and heatshrink come in varied colors.

(color may vary – all motors are the same power)

5 Pack includes:

•  5 brushbot motors

Additional parts required to build 5 complete brushbots

•  5 x toothbrush head
•  5 x AAA battery
•  5 x rubberband (for battery to motor connection)
•  double sided tape or hot melt glue (for connection of motor and battery to toothbrush)

Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .2 in


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