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Please contact E4L (Educating for Leadership) for membership in the T3 Alliance program and a discounted price on the T3 Alliance Raspberry Pi kits.

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Designed and produced with 100% renewable energy in Hilo Hawaii (USA).

Everything you need to get started is included! From the power supply to the screen, keyboard and mouse. Not only the basics as we also include a comprehensive kit of electronic parts to get you going creating amazing projects! The corresponding curriculum available from will help you make the most of your kit.

The wood box comes un-assembled and takes about 20-30 minutes to assemble, this is part of the fun 🙂 please have your students assembly the box as it was designed for this purpose. You can even dis-assemble the box next year for a new group of students to have the full experience putting it back together. The electronics parts kits can be ordered separately to replace damaged parts as necessary or to start fresh – the RPi and box itself are designed to last many years and students. Instructions for basic assembly and wiring are located here.

Raspberry Pi and Support Parts

  • Raspberry Pi4 2GB
    • Sandisk micro SD card 32GB – includes customized raspbian image (pre-installed in Raspberry pi)
    • Easybotics rPi GPIO reference card (pre-installed on Raspberry pi)
    • 3D printed plastic base plate to protect the base of raspberry pi
    • Heatsink
  • USB 3.0 SD card reader / writer
  • USB Type C cable 1M – power for pi
  • USB power supply 3 port 5V 2.4A – power for pi + LCD screen

Screen / Human Interface Parts

  • Easybotics laser cut wood case kit
    •  IPS LCD 10″ 1280 x 800
    • user assembled – all parts + tools included
  • LCD Screen USB power cable – connect to power supply
  • HDMI Cable 50cm – LCD screen to pi
  • USB 78 key keyboard – compact, full size keys
  • USB mouse – full size mouse with scroll wheel

Electronic Components Bag:

  • Input Parts:
    • rPi compatible 5MP camera
    • BME280 temperature, humidity, pressure sensor
    • 2x push button module
    • push button matrix – 8 buttons in one
    • HC-SR501 PIR infrared motion sensor
    • SR-04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Output Parts:
    • 2x RGB LED Modules – Built in Resistors
    • OLED Display 128×64 i2c
    • RGB LED ring 50mm 12 pixel WS2812 – with wire
    • 12mm piezo active buzzer – active low
    • Servo 9 gram
  • Connection Parts:
    • breadboard 400 holes
    • 2x alligator clip jumper wires – random color
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm F-F
    • 10x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm M-M
    • 10x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm M-F

Growth Mindset:

  • 2x Brushbot Kit

Raspberry Pi + Laser cut wood box kit

Included Electronic Components:

Input devices:

Output Devices:

Connection Devices:

RPi Kit Parts Electronic Components Kit Sheet

RPi Kit Support Parts Bag Sheets

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