T3 Alliance RPi Classroom Instructors Kit


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The T3 Alliance Instructors kit includes all the parts you need to get started – Minus the actual T3 student kits.

Enough power strips/extension cords for 15 kits.

  • 3x electronic parts bag – same as in the student kit
  • 3x raspberry Pi 4B, SD card, power supply, USB cable, gaming mouse, SD card writer, screw bag, micro HDMI cable to screen – same as in the RPI bag in the student kit
  • 5x micro SD cards with image
  • 1x mini keyboard – spare
  • 2x digital calipers – for 3D printing
  • 2x brushbot kit 5 pack
  • 2x keychain ring 10 pack – for 3D printing
  • 1x classroom router
  • 1x HDMI-HDMI cable 10ft
  • 1x digital multimeter
  • 6x power strip
  • 3x 15′ extension cord
  • 1x side cutters – for 3D printing removing parts from bed
  • 1x blue painters tape roll – for general labeling etc
  • 4x sharpie markers – for general labeling etc
  • 1x USB webcam document camera – for presenting on large screens
  • 1x clip on lamp – for document camera