T3 Kit Components Parts kit


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This kit contains all the electronic components from the T3 kit and allows you to do all lessons if you already have a raspberry pi. Also useful to replace damaged or lost parts from T3 kits.

Parts included:

  • Input Parts:
    • rPi compatible 5MP camera
    • BME280 temperature, humidity, pressure sensor
    • 2x push button module
    • push button matrix – 8 buttons in one
    • HC-SR501 PIR infrared motion sensor
    • SR-04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Output Parts:
    • OLED Display 128×64 i2c
    • RGB LED ring 50mm 12 pixel WS2812 – with wire
    • 12mm piezo active buzzer
    • Servo 9 gram
    • 2x LED Modules – Built in Resistors
  • Connection Parts:
    • breadboard 400 holes
    • 2x alligator clip jumper wires – random color
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm M-F
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm F-F
    • 40x jumper wire 20CM 2.54mm M-M
  • Note this kit does NOT contain a raspberry pi

Input devices:

Output Devices:

Connection Devices: