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The Letry R01 is the successor of the A001 and A002 kits, with a few new components (RGB LED, 4013 Flip Flop IC) the breadboard now has power rails on both sides as well. 

20+ Electronic experiments, including:

  1. Introduction to electronic components (resistor, capacitor, sensors, IC)
  2. Run motors directly from battery – reverse the connections to motor – what happens
  3. Resistor and LED
  4. Energy storage with capacitor
  5. Light sensor
  6. Series and paralel resistance
  7. Relay operation
  8. Invertor IC operation
  9. Control LED with light/shadow
  10. Robot goes forward with light/shadow
  11. Robot turns with light/shadow
  12. Robot goes forward with temperature
  13. Obstacle avoidance
  14. Line following
  15. Control LED with sound
  16. Control motors with sound
  17. Obstacle avoidance with timer delay
  18. Periodic movement
  19. Clap then follow line
  20. Logic circuits
  21. Sound of police car or bird
  22. IR remote control experiment
  23. IR Guard Experiment

Kit Includes:
•  Toy car
•  Manual
•  Bolt to allow 1.5V motor operation
•  1 x Breadboard

Included Components:
•  Light sensor (visible light photo transistor)
•  Infrared Emitter ( IR LED) x3
•  RGB Color changing LED
•  Infrared receiver (Photo transistor) x2
•  Condense Microphone 53db
•  Temperature sensor (thermistor 102)
•  CMOS IC 4069 (Inverter)
•  CMOS IC 4098 (Timer)
•  Relay (2a2b 5V) x 2
•  Jumper wires
•  Cable for Infrared sensor x2
•  NPN Transistor 1815 x3
•  Red LED (x4)
•  Capacitor 100uf
•  Capacitor 10uf
•  Ceramic Capacitor 103
•  Resistor (x15)
•  Buzzer
•  IR 38Khz Receiver and Demodulator
•  4081 AND gate
•  4071 OR gate
•  4013 Dual D type Flip Flop

4x AA Batteries

Teachers Materials:

The following google docs files were created by a teacher at Kamehamea Schools who uses these kits in one of his science classes and kindly provided them for other teachers to use. Feel free to make a copy and edit them for your particular class needs.
If you would like to edit a copy online first make sure you are logged into your google account and then go to File > Make a Copy , or if you want to edit the files as Microsoft Word documents you can use File > Download As > Microsoft Word.

Letry Robot Student Workbook

These kits are very reusable from class to class – once a student is done with a kit it may be disassembled and reused again!  Please be aware that in the course of learning some of the pins on parts may be bent or broken off, or inserted backwards which could also break them. Because of this we also sell just the replacement components as a kit here: Letry Spare Parts Kit You can also order a few replacement component kits and just replace individual parts as they break.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × 4.5 in


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